About Us | Pepper Mountain Lodge

Pepper mountain lodge is a beautiful place to come and relax to enjoy your hunting experience to see what central Newfoundland has to offer in scenery and all kinds of magnificent animals. We offer a 7-night accommodation with 6 days of hunting with home cooked meals and snacks. We offer ground transportation to and from the airport if flying. Local hunting guides one on one. Animal handling with transport to butchering services.

Resources and information

1. Canada border crossings services for DUI Click Here
2. Nonresident firearm declaration form Click Here
3. Marine Atlantic ferry phone number 1-800-341-7981 or website Click Here for booking and crossing
4. Certification of registration for personal affects taken aboard http://forms.cbp.gov/PDF/cbp_form4457.paf
5. Importation of wild meat to the US  Click Here

Suggestions of things to bring:

-travel insurance
-emergency contact phone numbers
-copy of hunter safety card
-personal hygiene products
-pocket knife
-camera /video camera
-flashlights and spare batteries
-soft gun case
-light rain gear 2 piece
-light weight comfortable knee high boots gortex
-camp shoes
-warm gloves
-warm socks
-hunting jacket and pants
-layers clothing from undergarments to jackets
-warm hat
-your choice of rifle sighted at 1inch high at 100 yards
-minimum 1box of ammo 180 grain recommended
-hunting knife