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Pepper mountain lodge is located in central Newfoundland Canada.  We offer moose , caribou hunts and black bear spring/ fall hunts.  We offer one on one guides.  For more information about our hunts you can contact Jim at 709-489-4137 or 1-709-293-4724 or email me at peppermountainlodge@gmail.com for our packaged deals.

The best big game country in Central Newfoundland for moose, caribou and black bear!

This is some of the best big game countries in Central Newfoundland because of the varied terrain wilderness. The terrain varies from gentle to very rugged; the vegetation varies from mixed scrub oak brush to forests, open meadows, dark timber.

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This is some of Central Newfoundland’s best big game country, partly because it is Wilderness and partly because of the varied terrain, which ranges from fairly gentle to very rugged. The Lodge overlooks a lake and beautiful vegetation.

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